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Know Your Heart's Foundation

Every year foundation staff, tireless volunteers, our generous community of donors and major philanthropists work together to raise the substantial funding that helps make the University of Ottawa Heart Institute a world-class centre for cardiovascular research and patient care. Learn more from our frequently asked questions:

What is the University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation?

The University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation is an independent organization established to raise funds, channel community support and philanthropy to support the work of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. Though closely tied to the work and objectives of the Heart Institute, the Foundation has its own staff and is guided by its own board of directors.

How does the Foundation raise funds?

The University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation reaches out to a generous community through events, volunteer-driven fundraising and liaison with major philanthropic donors. The Foundation partners and participates with local community organizations at over 60 fundraising events each year. Our best known event is the Heart Institute’s telethon, held in cooperation with Bell Media. In addition to the generosity of donors all across our community, major philanthropists play a huge role in supporting the Heart Institute.

Why are private donations so vital?

Every year, demand for Heart Institute services is increasing. Research is becoming bigger, more sophisticated, and more expensive. Research funding in Canada is more limited than ever, and there is stiff competition for available funding. That’s why private donations large and small are crucial to keep the University of Ottawa Heart Institute at the forefront of global treatment and research. Reaching our goal of eliminating heart disease in our children’s lifetimes means training highly skilled new generations of cardiovascular physicians, nurses, and other health professionals. This key aspect of the Heart Institute’s work is also resource intensive. Today’s donations help ensure that outstanding professionals will be there in the future, making the breakthroughs and providing the care for your children and their children. Your support makes it possible to aim for a future where heart disease is a thing of the past, no longer affecting one in three Canadians.

How can I get involved?

Volunteer with us or become one of our community champions by hosting an event to support the work of the Heart Institute. Your donations, large and small, make a huge difference to the work of the Heart Institute and the health of our community. Planned legacy giving has a lasting impact driving the research discoveries and innovative treatments of the future, while offering your estate considerable tax credits. Corporations can find inspiration partnering with us through a corporate matching gifts program. The Foundation’s “Leaders at Heart” program helps plug a new generation of Ottawa leaders into the power of philanthropy.

I’d like to attend a Heart Institute presentation…

Check out our events calendar for upcoming Heart Institute events and programs. Then make plans to join us!

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