Who We Are

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Supporting Life Saving Care Is At The Heart Of Everything We Do

With an enormous amount of compassionate care and hard work, the University of Ottawa Heart Institute has become a recognized international leader in cardiovascular care, treatment and research. 

The University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation plays a vital role in ensuring that many of the most critical components of world-class care are available. We raise funds for much needed equipment, facilities, programs, research and education at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. 

With the support of a generous community we are helping an exceptional team of health care professionals advance cardiovascular care and save lives everyday.

Where we help!

Raising Funds That Help Save Lives Every Day

By inspiring and engaging donors and volunteers we help to raise funds that put leading edge equipment, technology and facilities in the hands of our exceptional team of medical professionals. Every day the funds we raise help to save lives across Canada. 



Putting Vital Equipment In The Hands Of A World-Class Team

Public health care funding covers operating costs only which means, that acquiring leading edge equipment is dependent on community support. Inspiring our community to help fully equip a truly world-class cardiovascular centre of excellence is one of the most vital roles that the University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation plays. 


Supporting Care For A Chronic Disease That Touches More Lives Than Ever

Heart disease is a leading chronic illness that reaches across generations and races, and effects men and women equally. With an aging population and more Canadians living with heart disease than ever before, our role in helping to advance cardiovascular care and eventually end heart disease has never been more needed or essential.