Leaders @ Heart

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A group of dynamic business leaders in the Ottawa community formed to develop the future volunteer and philanthropic leadership for the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.


Our goal is to raise awareness and funds for the Heart Institute to continue to provide the highest level of medical care, research and education.

Our objective is to help to make a difference to patients who come to the Heart Institute.

  • Create and build a network of dynamic business leaders who will support the Heart Institute
  • Conduct fundraising efforts in support of the Heart Institute Foundation’s funding priorities
  • Offer members a comprehensive orientation to current health care issues and the operations and programs of the Heart Institute, including a glimpse into the exciting future of cardiovascular genetic research
  • Become ambassadors for the Heart Institute in the community



Nicolas Pantieras, CHAIR

Bill, Sioulas, VICE CHAIR

Kevin Marler

Peter van Roon

Alice Bejancu

Greg Roscoe

John Landry

Aaron Rubinoff

Christopher Rainville



Develop wonderful new friendships, networking opportunities and leadership skills.

  • The opportunity for meaningful service in the community
  • A networking forum with the brightest and influential business leaders in Ottawa
  • An affiliation with the Heart Institute, a world-renowned cardiac facility
  • Participation in “behind-the-scenes” activities at the Heart Institute

Becoming a Member

Take this unique opportunity to make a meaningful difference to the future of health care.  Your contribution helps to support priority projects within the Heart Institute. The Leadership Group will raise funds through annual events organized by its members and other means as deemed by the Leaders @ Heart Executive.

Responsibilities of a Leaders @ Heart member

  • Share the Foundation's work and values to the community, represent the Foundation, and act as a spokesperson, where appropriate.
  • Attend at least 75% of Leaders @ Heart meetings and special events.
  • Make a personal financial contribution at a level that is meaningful to me, each year.
  • Approach my company or organization to participate in a Leaders @ Heart event sponsorship, each year.
  • Actively participate in one or more fundraising activities.
  • Act in the best interests of the Leaders @ Heart and UOHIF.
  • Stay informed about what's going on at the Foundation. I will ask questions and request information.
  • Work in good faith with staff and other team and/or board members as partners towards achievement of our goals.

For more information contact Sarah Maclaren, Coordinator, Special Events & Community Engagement, smaclaren@ottawaheart.ca / 613-696-7258



Would you like to be a Leader at Heart?

Contact Sarah Maclaren, Coordinator, Special Events & Community Engagement, smaclaren@ottawaheart.ca  / 613-696-7258




Spring Social - To be announced


Music for the Heart / February 2018