A Gift In Your Will

Have you considered including a gift to charity in your will?

Every gift is transformational!
By including a gift to the Heart Institute in your will, you are securing a Heart Institute for tomorrow, like the donors of yesterday secured the Heart Institute of today.

There are a number of charitable gift options that can be made through your will, or as part of your estate plans.

Bequests are gifts that you leave through your will to your beneficiaries (family, friends, charitable cause), such as a sum of money, portion or balance of your estate, or a particular property. Learn more

Charitable gifts of Listed Securities (stocks, bonds or mutual funds) are exempt from capital gains tax and provide certain tax benefits to your estate. Learn more

Charitable gifts of life insurance are unique because they provide you with the ability to make a more significant future gift by way of more affordable monthly premiums, and they can be customized to fit within your charitable giving and estate plans. Learn more

Naming a charity as the beneficiary of your RRSP, RRIF or RPP is a savvy way to reduce your estate taxes while maintaining control and benefiting from your registered account during your lifetime. Learn more

Donations of Trust (cash, securities, real estate) are ideal for donors who need to retain use of their assets or provide income for surviving loved ones. Once the trust terminates, all or a portion of the remaining funds is received by the charity. Learn more


If you have already included the Heart Institute in your estate plans – thank you! By sharing your intentions, you honor us with the opportunity to thank you personally and to work with you to ensure that the legacy you have provided is carried out just as you envisioned.

Would you like to learn more?
Contact Selva at 613-696-7251 or strebert@ottawaheart.ca to learn more about including a gift to the Heart Institute in your will or the Wilbert J. Keon Legacy Society. All conversations are confidential.

Your lawyer or financial advisor is a great resource. We also encourage you to share your wishes with your loved ones.