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Tony Tucci’s Story

Tony’s Story

1- My name is Antonio (Tony) Tucci and I am a 70 year young heart recipient.  Now formerly retired, I spent most of my career working in the fashion industry and my last employement was as the Giorgio Armani Shop Manager at Harry Rosen.  I have three children from my previous marriage, and gained two step-children when I met my wife Roseline 12 years ago.  My step-children have given me four beautiful grand-children and I will become a Nonno for the fifth time in June 2021.   Since immigrating to Canada from Italy when I was 16 years, I have always lived in Ottawa except for a one-year stay in Philadelphia.  Being Italian, I am of course an avid futbol (or soccer, as it’s called in North America) fan and watch every game played by my beloved team, Juventus.  We immigrated to Canada when my father was recruited as team manager for the Quebec Soccer League (which is no longer active).  I played soccer in an Ottawa league for several decades, and also briefly for the national league.  Soccer is in my blood.  Needless to say, I haven’t been able to play soccer for several years now, but I’ve become an avid fisherman and enjoy spending time on the water catching trout with my son and son-in-law.

2- There is a history of heart disease and diabetes on the maternal side of my family.  However, except for mild colds and the occasional flu, I had never been sick or diagnosed with heart problems until I suffered a massive heart attack at 48 years old.

3- Was taken to the Heart Institute on March 5th 1999 after suffering my heart attack,

Not sure who performed the initial unsuccessful bypassed,but

The LVAD ( left ventricle assisting device) was inserted by Dr Paul Hendry

My Transplant was executed by Dr Masters ( I think Dr

My Main Nurse pre transplant was Lea

Sadly I can’t recall the Transplant Coordinator and other Nurses and  technicians,however,for many year afer ,my Transplant Coordinatori e person I was in direct contact with often was Jackie..

My present Transplant Coordinator is Kayla Brown

My original Cardiologist was Dr Stuart Smith who in turn also had me looked after by Dr Lisa Mielncucz,my present Cardiologist along with Dr McGuinty

Just an ironic detail, Dr Stuart Smith was an Client of mine at Harry Rosen before I become one of his.

4- I have had Many procedures at the Heart Institute, as a inpatient and outpatient.


Biopsys x 22

Angiogram x many

Suffered yet an other heart attack about 6 yrs ago, I believe 2 stents were inserted

No rehab during pandemic, Only Dialysis 3  times per week.

5- latest test reviled I am at this time having a cardiac rejection ,

At this time my Doctors are working on a plan to put into action to deal with it.

6- yes ,I do believe it is hereditary,in my case from my Mother’s side

No sign of any similar medical conditions for my children,However

My youngest Son Stefano,about 4-5 year ago was diagnosed with

Non Hodgkin Linphoma,he is now in remission.

7- actually I was very furnunate to be able to do Very many thing that I had kalways dreamed of doing and were on my bucket list

Travelled quite a bit,

In Canada, to Vancouver,where I had never been, but did Thanks to my Wife Roseline

Of course Toronto and Montreal

I drove almost all of the was from Ottawa to Florida,stopping along the way in places like

Savannah Georgia for 3 days,

Destin- Florida were we met up with my StepChildren and GrandChildren

And Memphis for my love for Music..The Blues.

Travelled to Spain , but Italy was the greatest trill, to return to my hometown,

Meet up with my childhood friend after 51 years

Visiting many little villages, and great food.

About 3 year ago, thanks to some friends I travelled to the Cayman Island,where

I had the opportunity one day to go swimming with 2 Dolphins who took me for a ride

And e second occasion I got to swim with stingrays

Thanks to my Wife Roseline again,I got to travel to California in San Francisco

I did something I always wanted to do,visit and tour Alcatraz

Also ride the trolley while standing on the platform outside the trolley in San Francisco.

8- what I am looking forward to do with my gift of time is spend quality time with My Wife Roseline and my Grandchildren when possible and hoping for the pandemic to finally give us the opportunity to spend even more time with Family and Friends and maybe I little travel.

9- we’ll,given the severity of my initial illness and all I had to go through medically and

survived and enjoyed a rather good life thanks in large part to the Heart Institute, The Doctors, the Nurses, the Technical staff,the Support staff and medicine in itself.

I’m a very lucky guy.

It is only because of the medical miracle(s) 22 years ago that I have the honour of counting Tony among my dear friends. And my life is richer because of knowing him. To say he is unique would be an understatement – demonstrative, kind, talented, thoughtful, a fantastic cook, a wonderful partner and Nono, a supportive friend. Thank goodness for medical miracles!!