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While donations ensure that we continue to provide the very best care for our patients, your stories fuel our desire to push forward in our mission to fight heart disease.

Often times, these stories touched on the suddenness of heart complications and its impact on the victims and families of those touched by heart disease.  We need to hear your stories to reiterate the need for Canadians to educate themselves on the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

We love to hear your stories! You can watch and read other stories below. You can also watch all CTV Ottawa's "Your Health" segment right here.

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Inspirational Stories

  • A Municipal Councillor Gets Help

    Councillor Stephen Blais experienced some discomfort at the Goodlife gym one early January after his workout. After an instructor noticed he was in pain, she called 911. Luckily, there was a firefighter near-by to help the councillor while the ambulance made their way to the gym. After he was revived at the Montford hospital, Stephen spent months at the Heart Institute. Him and his family are grateful for the care he received. Here's his story.
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    Councillor Stephen Blais
  • Healing Motion and Emotion

    Busy working mother Lynn Allard’s heart attack triggered a complex set of emotional reactions, eventually leading to depression — a common occurrence in heart attack patients. The Heart Institute’s recovery team began working with Lynn to rebuild both physical and emotional health. Follow Lynn’s encounter with this unique health care team here. 

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    Healing Motion and Emotion
  • Coaching the Coach

    After a heart attack and triple bypass surgery, legendary Ottawa 67’s hockey coach Brian Kilrea needed some coaching of his own. Kilrea enrolled in a fitness program at the Heart Institute’s Prevention and Rehabilitation Centre. Lessons learned? Follow the coach’s remarkable recovery story here.

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    Coaching the Coach
  • Original Parts

    Active, athletic Jason, a 32 year old construction site foreman needed a new heart valve. Ordinarily prosthetic valves require ongoing medications and procedures – not the best choice for an active younger person. The solution? — doctors at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute used a pioneering new technique to repair Jason’s existing valve. 

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    Original Parts
  • Meet Alexandra Peach

    It’s 7:30 AM, on an Ottawa Saturday morning. Teacher and mother Alexandra Peach is making coffee when suddenly she feels deeply unwell. Though only 37 years old, Alexandra is having a heart attack. Learn how a rapid response team from the Ottawa Heart Institute gave Alexandra Peach back her life.

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    Meet Alexandra Peach

Lives You Have Touched

  • Brian's Story

    "My husband Brian was 15 years old when he was diagnosed with viral cardiomyopathy. He went through life without any major medical interventions. He has taken many trips to the ER but was always treated, stabilized and discharged. We always knew it was only a matter of time before things would worsen but when it would happen was unknown". Read Brian's Story

  • Cathy's Story

    “Whenever you feel something, you need to trust your gut,” said Cathy. “Your body is wise and your muscles have memory of how it should feel. We need to listen to it and give it what it wants.” Read Cathy's Story 

  • Anne-Marie's Story

    "I’m still at the Heart Institute. My doctor is Dr. Luc Beauchesne. He is great and so is Joanne Morin".  Read Anne-Marie's Story