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Revenue generated by our generous community and third-party special events organizers like you help the Heart Institute maintain an outstanding level of excellence in patient care, education, and research. When you have a fundraising event idea, please be sure to contact us before publicly discussing your concept to gain approval. To learn more about organizing your event please read the provided PDF document below.  It is also important and necessary that all event organizers read and follow the Heart Institute Special Event Policy contained in the PDF.


All event organizers must fill-out the Event Proposal Form below or can fill out the following form (PDF) and send it to:

Lindsay Firestone
Manager, Special Events and Community Engagement


Read the Waiver and Release

Please read carefully the policies and guidelines for events.

Once you're done, start fundraising today

Event Proposal Form

Name and a brief description of the proposed event. What was the inspiration for the proposed event?
Where will this event take place?
Will this be an annual event?
For example: ticket sales, raffles, pledges, etc...
Would you like the funds raised to be used for the Heart Institute's highest priorities or designated to a specific program or area within the Heart Institute?
(Please note that the Gaming Services Act regulates events such as Bingos, Raffles, Monte Carlos/Casinos and 50/50 draws. Community Event organizer(s) must apply for the license through the Heart Institute Foundation as stated in the Gaming Services Act. Please allow six weeks to process applications