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Funding Priorities Overview

Critical Carelinical Tower and Equipment

The University of Ottawa Heart Institute’s new Critical Care Tower is now open and will increase our capacity to provide care by 17%.

The new facility features five operating rooms – including the state-of-the art Hybrid OR – and one shelled-in operating room for future expansion, nine catheterization and electrophysiology labs, a bright new surgical critical care unit, and the new da Vinci surgical system.

The Heart Institute does not receive funding for equipment purchases and maintenance and, as such, the Foundation will be focused on raising the funds required for the purchase of thousands of pieces of life saving equipment – from stethoscopes to highly-specialized monitors and state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical equipment – including the da Vinci robot surgical system.  This equipment will allow our world class medical teams to continue to provide the best in cardiac care, right here in Ottawa.

Over the next two years, renovations will be completed in the new existing to create a central registration area, add escalator access from the lobby to enhance our patients’ experience. Each year more equipment is needed than can be purchased by government funding. We raise funds to help patients find care and comfort, right here in Ottawa.

Patient Care

Your support of the Heart Institute Foundation means supporting programs and services that improve and enhance cardiovascular care of patients from referral centres and hospitals across the Ottawa area.

Unique programs like those offered through the Prevention and Wellness program.


The research teams at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, led Dr. Peter Liu (Chief Scientific Officer and VP Research) and Dr. Thierry Mesana, are dedicated to uncovering innovations that will improve cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment for all Canadians.  By consulting with clinicians, patients, and regional partners, the research team examines global trends in cardiovascular sciences to develop the future of cardiac care.  Dr. Mesana often says “today’s research is tomorrow’s treatment.”

Donations to the Foundation support ongoing bedside to bedside research at the Heart Institute by providing peer-reviewed seed funding to begin or continue projects addressing important research questions. Donations also support Endowed Fellowships and Awards which allow the Heart Institute to recruit the best and brightest researchers and trainees from all over the world.


Thanks to community support, the Heart Institute Foundation can support education and patient engagement initiatives throughout the Heart Institute. Programs such as Canadian Women’s Heart Health Centre – the first centre of its kind in Canada, dedicated to understanding and advocating for the heart health of the women in our lives – and the Patient Alumni Association which offers networking and education programs, and supports projects like the Rise-Up bra program, patient cough pillows, and more.

Endowment and Lectureships

Endowed lectureships allow the Heart Institute to invite world-renowned experts in cardiovascular medicine and research for a formal exchange of ideas. This exchange of knowledge contributes to our search for a cure. Endowed lectureships provide the resources required to maintain this rich exchange.

View All Endowment Funds, Chairs, Fellowships, and Lectureships:

The strength of a great institute resides in its medical professionals. Their work fuels progress in the
ability to treat, understand and prevent heart disease.

Endowed chairs help the Heart Institute attract and support top-calibre physician and researchers. They
also provide long-term support to areas of research and academia identified as a priority to the Heart
Institute. Chairs bring prestige and recognition to our researchers and the Heart Institute.

  • Dr. Marc Ruel—Chair in Cardiac Surgery Research
  • Dr. Benjamin Chow—Saul and Edna Goldfarb Chair in Cardiac Imaging Research
  • Dr. Thierry Mesana—Gordon F. Henderson Chair in Leadership
  • Dr. Ruth McPherson—Merck Frosst Canada Chair in Atherosclerosis Research
  • Dr. Frans Leenen— Pfizer Chair in Hypertension Research
  • Dr. Marc Ruel—Michael Pitfield Chair in Cardiac Surgery
  • Dr. Robert Beanlands—Vered Chair in Cardiology
  • Dr. Thierry Mesana—Chair in Cardiac Valve Surgery Research
  • Dr. Lyall Higginson—Dr. Donald S. Beanlands Chair in Cardiovascular Education
  • Dr. David Birnie— Chair in Electrophysiology Leadership
  • Dr. Marino Labinaz— Minto Chair in Interventional Cardiology

Endowed fellowships support Canada’s upcoming generation of cardiovascular experts, and provide
selected physicians and post-doctoral staff the opportunity to become researchers and academicians.

Our fellows represent the Heart Institute’s contribution to a new generation of Canadian researchers,
performing innovative research that moves from bench to bedside and directly benefits our community
of patients.

  • Dr. Arnon Adler—Fellowship in Strategic Research Fellowship
  • Dr. Jennifer Reed—Jan & Ian Craig Research Fellowship in Prevention and Rehabilitation
  • Dr. Etienne Croteau—Ernest & Margaret Ford Research Fellowship in Cardiology
  • Dr. Kay Maeda—Lawrence Soloway Research Fellowship in Cardiac Surgery
  • Dr. Hiroshi Ohira—Whit & Heather Tucker Research Fellowship in Cardiology
  • Dr. André Molgat—Vered-Beanlands Research Fellowship
  • Dr. Brian McNeill and Mr. Naif Almontashiri—University of Ottawa Cardiovascular Research Endowment Fund for Fellowships and Graduate Students at the Heart Institute

Endowed lectureships enable the Heart Institute to invite world-renowned experts in cardiovascular
medicine and research for a formal exchange of ideas. This exchange of knowledge contributes to our
search for a cure. Endowed lectureships provide the resources required to maintain this rich exchange

Anand & Saroj Aggarwal Endowed Lectureship for South Asian Heart Health

  • Dr. Jagat Narula

Margaret & Theodore Marr Family Endowed Lectureship in Electrophysiology

  • Dr. William Gregory Stevenson, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Boston Massachusetts

Foustanellas Cardiac Surgery

  • Dr. Frank Sellke, Alpert Medical School of Brown University and Rhode Island Hospital,Providence Rhode Island

Wilbert J. Keon Endowed Lectureship

  • Dr. Tirone David, University of Toronto, Toronto Ontario

Servier Canada Endowed Lectureship in Heart Function

  • Dr. Ray Hershberger, Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio

J. Earl Wynands Endowed Lectureship Cardiac Anesthesiology

  • Brian P. Kavanagh MB, FRCPC, University of Toronto & Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto Ontario

Sheila & Don Bayne Cardiovascular Genetics

  • Dr. Jake Lusis PhD, University of California, Los Angeles California

Michael Potter and Family Cardiovascular Genetics Endowed Lectureship

  • TBA

Personal endowments provide a reliable revenue stream to support research and the priorities of the
Institute, including education and priority equipment. Both a direct and indirect impact on patient care

Endowments Designated for Research

  • Jack & Florence Akeroyd Fund
  • Don & Marion Baker Family Fund
  • The Barnes Family Fund
  • Manjit & Jagtar Basi Family Fund
  • Hartwig Bauer Memorial Fund
  • Carole J. Brown & Donald K. Piragoff Fund
  • Anthony S. Brunst Fund for Cardiovascular Genetics
  • Marcia & Barry Cantor Family Fund
  • Leonard & Georgette Carter Fund
  • Jacques & Ellen Emond Fund
  • Firestone Family Fund for Cardiovascular Genetics
  • Doris M. Hay Fund
  • Russell & Arlene Hensel Fund
  • Dr. & Mrs. Theodore H. Leggett Family Fund
  • Marilyn & Daniel Kimmel Endowment Fund for Pulmonary Hypertension
  • John P. & Georgina Ruddy Endowment Fund for Research in Cardiovascular Genetics
  • John J. Sebisty Fund

Personal Endowments

  • Dr. André & Pauline Lizotte Family Fund
  • Karen Meades & Mike Stashin Family Fund
  • Herb & Dorothy Nadonly Fund
  • Gregory Poupore-Poole Fund for Cardiology
  • Primecorp Fund
  • Christina Ruddy Memorial Fund for Cardiovascular Genetics
  • Marion Southam Memorial Fund
  • Betty & Fraser Wright Memorial Fund
  • Margaret & John Hope Fund
  • Dwane & Bonnie May Hutt Fund
  • Marilyn & Daniel Kimmel Endowment Fund for Pulmonary Hypertension Research
  • Mark & Sandy Goldstein Family Fund
  • Jim Orban and Family Fund
  • Joseph & Inez Zelikovitz Fund
  • Gerald & Mary-Belle Pulvermacher Family Endowment Fund in memory of Monica Lynn Pulvermacher
  • Nicholas Pantieras Family Fund

Endowments Designated for Education

  • Leacross Foundation / R. Bern Endowment Fund for Biomedical Engineering
  • Lorry & Carol Greenberg Fund
  • Hyman & Sylvia (van Straten) Kaufman Fund
  • David & Grace Meredith Fund
  • Dr. Evan Patrick Fund
  • Howard & Doris Polk Fund
  • Botho and Helga von Hampeln Endowment Fund for Prevention and Rehabilitation Research
  • Donald & Audrey Williams Fund

Endowment Designated for Equipment

  • Anderson Fund
  • Jacqueline Laperrière Fund

Endowments Designated for Patient Support

  • Allen H. Gertsman Memorial Fund
  • The Peter Ulrich Palm Parsons Fund

Endowment Designated to Priorities of the Heart Institute

  • Ability Janitorial Services Ltd Fund
  • Muriel & Stephen Barber Family Fund
  • John Bassi Family Fund
  • Marcel Bélanger Family Fund
  • George & Ann Carruthers Fund
  • Borden Ladner Gervais Fund
  • Ross & Corleen Bradley Fund
  • Arden Brooks Memorial Fund
  • Beverley Ann & Daniel Cantor Family Fund
  • Shelley & Sidney Rothman Family Fund
  • Patricia & William Colby Fund
  • Kevin Dee & Janice Grantham Fund
  • Horace G. Dunbar Family Fund
  • Serge & Jeanne Emalyanov Fund
  • Paul Faynwachs Family Fund
  • Eglantine & Fernand Fortin Fund
  • Pawan & Sudha Gupta Family Fund
  • Jack & Doreen Gurney Memorial Fund
  • Hanson Family Fund
  • Trish & Tom Hewitt & Family Fund
  • Iny Family Fund
  • Neta and Earl Clarke Family Fund
  • George & Marion Douglas Fund
  • Lazar Family Fund
  • Gerald & Carol Morin Family Fund
  • E. Peter Newcombe, QC. Memorial Fund
  • Louis & Pauline Moyd Fund
  • George Nichols Memorial Fund
  • Sol & Laya Shabinsky Fund
  • Soloway Wright LLP Fund
  • Renata & William Watkin Family Fund
  • Nora Green Auxiliary Fund
  • Michael Rooney & Family Fund
  • Whiteley Henry Eastwood Fund
  • Ottawa Greenbelt Construction Fund
  • Peter & Canin Potetsianakis Family Fund
  • Charles Polowin Fund
  • Doris & Steve Ramphos Fund
  • Hugh Thomas Macfarlane Fund
  • Nancy Bracken Watson Family Fund
  • Van Ryswyk (Cornwall) Fund

Endowments Designated for Clinical Services

  • Denise Walton Endowment Fund