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Colour commentator for Ottawa Senators broadcasts on TSN 1200 and the face of Sens TV gets a new chance at life.

It’s humbling to be part of something that could save the life of someone I may never meet. To give their family the gift of time that we have.


Natalie Tommy is hooked on raising awareness and funds for causes near and dear to her heart…

Collectively, we knew this had to be more than just an event to raise funds, it had to be a movement women and men would engage in


Jean, a grateful father, husband, and Heart Institute patient shares his hard road back to heart health and recovery…that all started with a long flight of stairs

“Watching my kids grow-up”: A dad and husband’s gift of time.


Every minute counted as July, a Registered Nurse (RN), was rushed into the Heart Institute on a stretcher.

A baby’s first cry is the last thing you would expect to hear at the Heart Institute. Yet, that was the case on Nov 1st, 2022...