Legacy Gift Options

Here are some charitable gift options that can be given through your Will.

The Impact of Legacy Gifts

Paul & Marilyn Koch

Read about their incredible life & why giving back is second nature.

The Wilbert J. Keon Legacy Society

We are a proud partner of Will Power, a national public education campaign. 

It aims to inspire more Canadians to make a significant impact on the causes they care about, with a gift in their Will to charity.

Consider Including a Gift in Your Will to the Ottawa Heart Institute.

You care about your family and their future.
Invest in education of the next generation of the best and brightest of medical minds, ground-breaking research, and innovative patient care at the world-class Ottawa Heart institute. You can power the treatments of tomorrow by leaving a gift in your Will today.

Learn more about giving a Bequest in your Will.   

Pictured: The Clarks pictured as a young couple. They left a legacy for the Heart Institute that will help generations of future patients.

Watch a Free Estate Planning Seminar.

Learn financial strategies to optimize your estate planning, charitable giving, and maximize potential tax benefits.

Planning to give is thoughtful planning – Free interactive webinar – YouTube

Your WILL is POWERFUL, and accounting for all your assets will ensure your legacy has the kind of impact you envision—for your loved ones and the charitable causes close to your heart.
Questions or would you like to share your story and intentions?
Please connect with Selva
613-696-7251 or strebert@ottawaheart.ca

You’ve Placed Your Heart in Our Hands —
We’re Placing Our Future in Yours

If you have already included the Heart Institute in your estate plans — thank you! Please share with us your intention to include a gift in your Will.

When you share your plans with us, you honor us with the opportunity to thank you personally. We will work with you to ensure that your legacy is carried out according to your wishes.
Your lawyer or financial advisor is a great resource. We also encourage you to share your wishes with your loved ones.
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