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There are a number of charitable gift options that can be made through your Will, planned in advance, or as part of your estate planning:


Bequests are gifts that you leave through your Will to your beneficiaries (family, friends, charitable cause), such as a sum of money, portion or balance of your estate, or a particular property.

Stocks & Securities

Charitable gifts of Listed Securities (stocks, bonds or mutual funds) are exempt from capital gains tax and provide certain tax benefits to your estate.

Life Insurance

A charitable gift of life insurance is unique because it provides you with the ability to make a more significant future gift. Each policy can be customized to fit within your charitable giving and estate plans.

Retirement Funds

Donating your RRSP or RRIF to the Heart Institute Foundation is a smart and effective way to offset estate taxes and probate fees.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

If you have built a sizable estate and are looking for ways to receive reliable payments, consider a charitable remainder trust. At the end of the trust term, the balance in the trust goes to the Heart Institute Foundation, offering you tax benefits and options for income.

Are you considering a Legacy gift?

 If so, here is a sample clause (codicil) you can include in your Will:

“I give to the University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation (the sum of $_____, or a portion of my estate, or the whole or a portion of the residue of my estate, or other property) to be used for the priorities of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.”
For restricted gifts, since a number of years may pass before the contribution is received, please consider the following clause in the event the funds cannot be applied for the intended purpose(s) as originally directed by the Donor.
“If it should become impossible, inadvisable, or impractical to use this gift for the specified purpose(s), then the University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation may, in their discretion, use the gift to the best advantage of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, keeping in mind my original wishes.”


LEGAL NAME: University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation


LEGAL ADDRESS: 40 Ruskin St., Ottawa, ON K1Y 4W7

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